Submit Project

To apply for funding through the StEPP Foundation just follow these three simple steps:

    • Click on the [Register] button to complete an applicant registration form. The form asks for your basic contact information.
    • Once you have registered on the site you can begin entering project ideas into the Online Project Submittal System. Remember to click [Save As Draft] before exiting the site.
    • Once you are registered you can exit the site at any time and reenter by clicking on the [LOGIN] button. The system will prompt you to enter your email address and password to enter the site. If for any reason you forget your password, click the Forgot Password? and within minutes you’ll receive an email confirming your unique password.
    • Once on the Welcome Page of the Online Project Submittal System, click on the [PROJECT] button and select the Create New Project option. This will launch a blank submittal form for you to begin filling out.
    • We encourage you to register and login to check out the system. Remember that you can save all or part of your project idea as a draft and re-enter the system at another time to make changes and/or complete the form.
    • The Online Project Submittal System consists of five short sections to fill out:
      • Project Information – This section consists of 8 questions asking basic information about your project, i.e. – proposed location, target audience, project description, etc.
      • Category Information – This section consists of 3 questions that allow you to categorize your project and its environmental focus.
      • Funding Information – This section consists of a budget table to estimate the amount you wish to request and the total project costs. These figures are considered to be your best estimates at this time and can be refined later, if your project is selected for further consideration.
      • Timeline Information – This section consists of 6 questions that ask you to estimate the timing of your proposed project, i.e. – est. start date, any time specific needs or requirements, etc.
      • Partner Information – This section asks if you have project partners. If your answer is no, no additional questions will be asked. If your answer is yes, you’ll be asked to fill in basic contact information on your primary partner and to list any secondary partners.
    • Once you’ve completed the above sections you are ready to submit your project to the StEPP Foundation for consideration. All you need to do is review the Submittal Summary section to make sure that the information is as you’d like it and then click on the [Submit to StEPP] button located at the bottom right side of the site.
    • You will receive an email message from the StEPP Foundation confirming the receipt of your project idea.


Once a project is entered into the StEPP Project Pipeline the applicant will periodically receive email updates on their project’s status. If a match for funding becomes available, the applicant will be requested to submit a full proposal based upon specific project criteria such as geographic location, environmental category, minimum grant request, segment of society benefited, etc.

The proposals received, are then reviewed by a committee made up of at least one StEPP board member and several experts in pertinent and related fields. The committee then makes its recommendations to the full StEPP Foundation Board, which, in turn, makes recommendations to the funding source. The funding source makes the final decision on projects awarded funds.

Project ideas remain in the pipeline for as long as they are viable during a 12-month period. Applicants will be given the opportunity through email notices to update their online filing periodically. The StEPP Foundation will purge project ideas from the Project Pipeline as they become obsolete.