About us

The StEPP Foundation is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to helping organizations realize their vision of a clean and safe environment by nationally matching projects with funders. The StEPP Foundation provides project oversight to enhance the success of projects increasing the number of energy efficiency, clean energy and pollution prevention projects implemented at the local, state and national levels for the benefit of the public.

The StEPP Foundation offers opportunities for organizations across the country to demonstrate the positive benefits of energy efficiency, renewable energy and pollution prevention projects in their communities. The StEPP Foundation works with governmental authorities, non-profit organizations, academic resources and other entities that have a need or requirement to fund environmental projects. The Foundation conducts a project selection process several times during the year, in search of projects to best match the requirements of funding sources. In most cases the initial search is done from projects already entered in the StEPP Project Pipeline which meet one or more of the following core principles:

  • To provide a direct strategy for improving air and water quality, and reducing solid and hazardous waste (multi-media quantifiable benefits);
  • To provide the state or area impacted with a winning public and environmental health strategy;
  • To provide incentives for the development and implementation of energy efficiency and renewable energy projects;
  • To maximize environmental benefit for each dollar invested;
  • To support investments in opportunities that have environmental benefits from renewable related projects;
  • To support energy efficiency/renewable energy (EERE) products, services and technologies;
  • To increase the number of renewable energy projects;
  • To increase the number of renewables in the marketplace;
  • To connect land use and ecosystem health; and
  • To connect environmental and public health issues.

To enter your project idea for funding consideration, visit StEPP Online Project Submittal System.

The Foundation supports pluralism and equal opportunity in its throughput of funds. Applications are considered throughout the year and monies are awarded based on funding available. The Foundation monitors projects through regular financial and narrative reporting. The Foundation’s funds are limited in relation to the many worthwhile proposals received. The Foundation supports applicants that present the best match, with the greatest environmental benefit, for the funds available. Funding is not normally given for routine operating costs. Visit Request For Proposals to view a current listing of open RFP’s.